Cyril Fiévet.

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Journalist. Author. Blogger.

Cyril Fievet

I’ve been writing for more than 20 years about science, technology and society, with a focus on the future and the way technology transforms the way we live, work, behave or think.


Innovation, Internet, cyberculture, artificial intelligence, robots, digital interfaces, connected devices, blockchains, cryptocurrencies, pervasive computing, transhumanism.


As a journalist, I contributed to more than 20 different medias, print and online, in France and elsewhere. I am currently in charge of the ”We Tech” section of We Demain, where I present innovative products and write about the impact of technologies. I’m a frequent contributor to Usbek & Rica, a leading media in France focusing on the future. And I’m a contributor to Clubic, one of the oldest and most visited online media of the French Web.

As a freelance writer,
I produce editorial content through several agencies (Usbek & Rica Studio, Angie, ATCNA…) for corporate publications. I wrote for some of the biggest companies in France and Europe, including Bureau Veritas, Chanel, EDF, Orange, PMU, Suez, Vinci and others.

As an author,
I published seven books with different publishers, including one of the first books announcing the Internet era (Cyberguide, 1995), the very first book in France on the blog phenomenon (Blog Story, 2004), and a widely acclaimed book on Body Hacking (2012). My last book was about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies (2014). I’ve been blogging about Bitcoin on Comprendre Bitcoin (Understanding Bitcoin) since 2014.

A a translator
, I translated two books from American-English to French, Adam Greenfield’s Everyware and Douglas Rushkoff’s Program or be programmed.

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